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    Hello everyone,
    I saw this article in the BMJ and thought it might be of interest to those of you interested in infection prevention. It discusses interventions that can be implemented to improve hand hygiene in hospitals. The article recommends WHO-5 (system change, education, feedback, reminders, institutional safety climate), suggesting it is "effective, works better than single component interventions, and represents an excellent starting point for hospitals trying to achieve better hand hygiene and improve patient safety."

    WHO-5 could be an important source of evidence for setting audit standards or indeed for action planning on changes to implement.

    Happy reading!

    Perhaps you could share other articles you come across that may be of interest to the LAMRN community!

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  2. Hi Helen.
    Good to hear from you. How are you with your entire family?
    This is very thoughtful about the IP article from WHO.
    We have debriefed our Medical Superintendent (MS) and the Provincial Medical Officer (PMO) about the new THET Project. They are all excited.
    The hospital team where the MS comes from cannot wait to start the project. We choose with the hospital staff the relevant stakeholders to be part of the criterion clinical audit project. We came up with 29 members whereby all (15) Midwives in Maternity were to be involved and own the project as they are implementers on ward level. The other 14 are the: MS, Paediatrician, Senior Nursing Officer, Nurse Tutor, Senior Hospital Administrator, Nursing Officer Maternity ward, Theater Nurse, 3 Medical officers based in Maternity ward (Mansa General Hospital has no Obstetrician), Head of Clinical care, Pharmacist, Biomedical Scientist (Laboratory personnel) and one Registered Midwife who is a National Trainer in EmONC.
    We had arranged that last week we would have oriented the 29 staff in Clinical Audit for one day and the next meeting we were to follow the plan as scheduled. Alas, we have the National Planning Launch running from last week up to 19th August, 2015. Thereafter, we shall do the needful and accomplish the set targets.
    Warm regards,
    Chowa - Zambia
  3. Helen Smith

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    Dear Chowa
    Great to hear from you and thanks very much for the update on progress at Mansa! This is excellent news. The team sounds raring to go!
    It would be great to hear from LUTH about progress in setting up the audit team? Also from Zimbabwe!
    best wishes

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