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  1. Yana

    Yana New Member

    Hi everyone, we are using the power of twitter and social media to get the messages out. Here are some of our colleagues to follow for updates from Zimbabwe
    @Kushy65 is a Nurse/Midwife Educator at Mpilo
    @beautyjldube is a Nurse/Midwife Educator at Jwanda Provencial Hospital
    @Skhuejele is a midwife at Mpilo
    we look forward to hearing from others and following them on twitter - don't forget to copy LAMRN in and we could think of a hash tag for the project how about Lamrn2
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  2. Helen Smith

    Helen Smith New Member

    Hi Yana,
    great, thanks for sending Twitter details for our Zimbabwe colleagues.
    Here are some of our Zambian colleagues also on Twitter:
    @cmmuleya - Mutinta Muleya, a midwife lecturer and researcher at University of Zambia
    @VIctoriaMwiinga - Victoria Mwiinga, a midwife at Lusaka Teaching Hospital

    Look forward to seeing others join the Twitter-sphere!

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