Uganda Audit Workshops: Starting 17th August

Discussion in 'Topics' started by Rebecca Smyth - UK, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Rebecca Smyth - UK

    Rebecca Smyth - UK New Member

    I'm really looking forward to coming over to Uganda, Kampala and working with Enid Mwebaza, Liz Ayebare and all the other participants.

    See you soon!

  2. Elizabeth Ayebare

    Elizabeth Ayebare New Member

    Day 2 of Ugandan LAMRN audits. Interesting discussions about the problems, conflicts and errors that could arise with audit in our setting. We realise that attitude and resistance to change can become a big challenge to step 1 and 5
  3. Andrew Weeks

    Andrew Weeks New Member

    Good to see you all - and thanks to Enid, Liz, Tina and Rebecca for the organisation.

    I meant to read out and talk about the last paragraph of the BMJ article before i left. Do have a read when you get a chance...
  4. Esme Salmon

    Esme Salmon New Member

    Many thanks, Andrew. We will take a look at the BMJ article again.

    Best wishes
    Audit Uganda Team
  5. Hello, this is Susan. Just trying out the discussion board.
  6. Coordinator

    Coordinator Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the LAMRN Discussion Board Susan.


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